Dark Wood Farm is a small patch of earth in Northern Kentucky tended with care by Annie Woods.

This is our tenth growing season!  After seven years of leasing land in three different locations, Dark Wood Farm finally moved to a permanent location in Bracken County, KY in 2021 — we’re putting down roots, and growing for the next generation!

When you eat food from Dark Wood Farm, you’ll know that it is always:

We grow flavorful varieties of vegetables and herbs that are picked ripe and fresh at the peak of their tastiness.

For a strong, healthy body, you need food packed with minerals and vitamins, all of which come from the soil where your food grows.  Our job as your farmers is to tend the soil so that your vegetables are chock full of goodness instead of man-made chemicals.

All of the vegetables from Dark Wood Farm are grown right here in the Ohio River Valley, picked by Annie, a small farm crew, family, friends, and sold in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area.

We grow according to the season – delicious greens in the spring; juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, in the summer; and root vegetables and cold-hardy greens in the fall and winter.

All Natural
We grow according to natural, ecological, and organic growing principles, meaning we don’t use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides on the farm.  Soil fertility comes from compost, cover crops, and managing tillage to keep soil life happy and healthy.  Pests are managed by using fabric row cover, hand removal, planting flowers to attract beneficial insects.  Weeds are managed by hoeing and mowing.  If you have questions about our growing practices, or are interested in visiting the farm during one of our public events, contact the farm here.